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About Us

I’m a nurse by training and a mother. My baby girl Pema was born with eczema, in few weeks it got out of control. Commercially made products made her eczema worse, due to chemicals in them. I was very frustrated by conventional medicine. This motivated me to research on alternatives to natural healing and plant medicine.

With this knowledge, I began creating all natural, organic whole-food based formulas. That means our products are made with ingredients you know, recognize, and can pronounce. There are no worries of side effects, drug interactions, or  using too much. Our products are safe, and work naturally. We use simple recipes which have been proven effective and been used for thousands of years.

What started as a need to help my family  and friends became my mission to help everyone. I want to give you pure, all natural, and organic products for eczema and sensitive skin. I want people to use MOMMA&PEMA  products and be CONFIDENT that they recognize every ingredient with no scary side effects.